Photo gallery of Erik Pontoppidan Photos from Thailand
Photos & text: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Above, left: Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.
In Thailand, all men under 20 years are expected to spend at least 3 months in a monastery as part of their education. Here, they are studying the Buddhist religion in addition to their normal school subjects.

Above, middle: From the khlongs (canals) of Bangkok.
The best way to see the khlongs in Bangkok is to hire a longtail boat or use the ordinary river buses entering the canals.

Above, right: Food vendors in Bangkok.
No matter where you go in Bangkok, you are almost never more than 50 meters away from a restaurant or sidewalk food vendor. The variety of places to eat is simply astounding!

Above, left: Wiew from the roof terrace of Hotel Tower Inn, Bangkok. After sunset, not even New York exceeds the view, you have in the tropical night from up here!

Above, right: From Khao San Road, Bangkok.
This is the place to go if you are looking for cheap accomodation - or you may sit down here at a café or a restaurant and have a beer or a meal in the middle of everything.

Above, left: From the peninsula Hat Rai Leh, southern Thailand, near Krabi. We went to the place by longtail boat in the morning, but on return in the late afternoon, the boats and the water had disappeared from the sea shore! The tide in this area is quite remarkable! In order to get back to the mainland, we had to walk quite a way from the coast on the muddy seabed until we finally found the boats for the return trip.

Above, right: Rice fields in The Golden Triangle, northern Thailand. The huge area north of Chiang Mai is the home of several tribes living in traditional villages, and it is one of the best known trekking areas in Thailand.

Above, left: River rafting on the Mae Teng River north of Chiang Mai in "The Golden Triangle".
The whole rafting took about 4 hours, and everybody helped with the steering with a long bamboo stick. The trip was incredibly beautiful, and from the rain forest, you could hear all the sounds connected to the expectation of a jungle.

Above, next: Outside the Royal Palace in Bangkok. My daughter's 4 week backpacker trip to Thailand was the travel experience of her life so far.

Above, next: Snorkeling in one of the lonely bounty bays of Ko Pha Ngan in southern Thailand.

Above, right: For a few dollars a day, you can stay in small bamboo huts placed on marvellous sites - here almost on the beach on the island of Ko Pha Ngan in southern Thailand.

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