Photos from Madeira

Photos from Madeira September 2002

Text and photos: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copyright: Erik Pontoppidan

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1. Lunch on the terrace at the hotel Quinta do Furado close to Santana, northern Madeira.
2. Walking along Levada das Rabacas, close to the Encoumeara Pass, central Madeira.
3. Sunset view from our room window in the woodhouse of the inn Pousada dos Vinhaticos close to the Encoumeada Pass, central Madeira.

1. The barren north coast of Madeira, seen from Porto Moniz.
2-3: From Boca do Risco at the north coast of Madeira. This wonderful trek leads you from Ribeira Seca to the town Porto da Cruz. Not a walk for people suffering from vertigo. The path is visible on picture 2 in the background as a horizontal line on the rocks!

1. From the flower market in Funchal.
2. From the vegetable market in Funchal.
3. Funchal by night, from the beach promenade.

1. On Madeira, you will find wild flowers at all times of the year - here along Levada das Rabacas, close to the Encoumeada Pass.
2. Walking from Ribeiro Frio to Portela. A wonderful trip through alternating landscapes.
3. Walking from Eiro de Serrado down to the village of Curral das Freiras (in "The Valley of the Nuns").

1. Walking in the rain from Poco da Neve in the highlands to the village of Barreira, close to Funchal. The last part of the walk leads you through an eucalyptus forest.
2. Sunset at the Cabana Village Hotel, northern Madeira. Porto Moniz is behind the point in the background.
3. Walking along Levada das Rabacas, close to the Encoumeada Pass.
1. From the high plateau Paul da Serra on central Madeira, near Estanquinhos.
2. In front of the very deep valley Ribeira da Janela, western Madeira. In the background Fanal.
3. Waiting for the bus in Portela. Everywhere on Madeira, even in the smallest village, the chances of finding an open bar are pretty fair!
4. The levadas of Madeira have several tunnels, some of them with a length of several kilometers. Here, a torch is compulsory! This photo was taken at Levada das Rabacas.

Photos from the island of Porto Santo, about 50 km from Madeira:

1. From the harbour at Villa Baleira, Porto Santo. This is the docking place of the ferry from Madeira.
2. From the central square in Villa Baleira, Porto Santo.
3. Bougainvillea-flowers at the church in Villa Baleira, Porto Santo.

1. Unlike Madeira, Porto Santo has a wonderful beach with a length of 8 kilometers, and it never gets overcrowded.
2. On the way back to Madeira with the ferry from Porto Santo.

The photos on this page are taken with a Canon G2 digital camera. In order to reduce the download time, the size and the data of the the photos are strongly reduced compared to the originals, and this has inevitably reduced the technical quality, too. However, all photos may be delivered in full size and quality for use in books, magazines, papers, etc. The price is 70 Euro per picture.

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