Images from Paris Images from Paris in May, 2005

Text and photos: Erik Pontoppidan , Copenhagen, Denmark

Copyright: Erik Pontoppidan

From Quartier Latin in central Paris.

Paris has everything. The capital of France is a symphony of cheerfulness, style, vitality and elegance. Although several capitals in the world have tried to imitate Paris, it has still preserved its legendary status as the city of the cities. And nowhere else in the world, you will find famous buildings, monuments and sights closer than here. Paris is definitely a city, where you can feel the wings of history.

I have visited Paris 3 times in my life. First time was in August, 1966. Second time was in April 2000. And recently, I visited the city in May, 2005. Much has changed during the decades, but my last visit didn´t disappoint me at all. On the contrary, my revisit gave me a better and deeper understanding of everything. I hope that the photos below will reflect some of my enthusiasm.

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1: Spring time on Ile de la Cité in central Paris.
2: The beatiful garden Jardin de Tuileries - part of the axis of goodness as an extension of Avenue des Champs Elysées!
3-4: From Quartier Latin in central Paris.

1: Café life on Place de Madeleine.
2-3: From the legendary metro in Paris - the ultimate solution of transportation!
4: Notre Dame on Ile de la Cité is huge and overwhelming. Walking inside the cathedral, you really feel the wings of history.

1: Paris has several breathing-holes - here from a park near Champs Elysées.
2-3: These photos were taken at a late afternoon cruise on the Seine River.
4: Dusk in central Paris.

1: Notre Dame and the Seine river.
2: From the Bookshops along the Seine river quai.
3: Café life at Boulevard Poissionière.
4: From Jardin du Luxembourg.

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